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Through decades of expertise in Software & Cloud Engineering, CyberSecurity and Machine Learning Operations we're at the forefront of innovation, ensuring seamless integration and robust security for your digital ecosystem.



Bespoke Computing Power

Backed by a team of leading scholars and engineers, LXXXIV operates at the intersection of academia and industry, crafting resilient solutions that will scale seamlessly with your business.

AI ML Compliance
Advancing artificial intelligence and machine learning through focused automation, driving research excellence.
Cloud Engineering
Crafting scalable, efficient cost saving cloud solutions with resilient precision for optimal performance.
Automated threat detection and mitigation for robust, real-time digital asset protection.
Data Driven Flows
Streamlining business processes with automated data analytics for informed decision-making.
Distributed Ledgers
Enhancing transaction security and efficiency in distributed ledgers through automated telemetry worflows
Privacy and Anonimity
Strengthening data privacy and anonymity of your ecosystem and business data flows.